embedded world China Conference 2024
12 - 14 June 2024, Shanghai

Connecting the Embedded Community

The first edition of embedded world China Conference held in June 2023 was a success. From the beginning of the planning, the conference has been targeted on "applied research & development" at the borderline between academia and industry. It aims at the transfer of the core knowledge of embedded industry, and is committed to creating a high-quality communication platform for embedded system industry developers, engineers, technicians. Hereby, we also invited experts, professors, and top management of enterprises from domestic and foreign professional fields and authoritative institutions to support the event, as well as to be the Program Committee members. With their professional and prospective guidance for the conference quality, it brought interesting topics and solid content.

It provides open participation opportunities for everyone with own viewpoints and insights in the embedded system industry by adopting the form of call-for-paper. It also welcomes in-depth expertise discussion or case studies R&D and applications. Submissions will be reviewed by an International Program Committee . Looking forward to your submissions for the upcoming embedded world China Conference 2024.

For the embedded world China Conference, we are now looking for your contributions.

Topics 2024:

  • Internet of Things – Platforms & Applications
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Embedded OS
  • Safety & Security
  • Board Level Hardware Engineering
  • Systems & Software Engineering
  • Embedded AI & Intelligent Systems
  • Embedded Human-Machine-Interface
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) Design
  • Cross-Domain Topics and Application Use Cases for embedded Technologie

You are invited to present future-oriented technologies and solutions, new ideas and smart concepts for efficient development and life cycle processes. Use your presentation to initiate discussions and to help other engineers and managers to benefit from your experience.

Present a technical paper, describe practical insights in a hands-on workshop, outline your experience from implementation projects or present prototypes and application examples. Talks should be substantial, insightful and educational. Submissions promoting commercial technologies and products will not be accepted. Application related contributions from research and pre-development are welcome to enrich the program.

In addition to presentation slots in the technical sessions, we also invite you as a lecturer of a “class” for either half or full day classes. A “class” deals with an in-depth topic interactively with participants.

Papers will be accepted based on the following criteria:
• novelty
• technological soundness
• technological significance
• experience of the speaker

Presentation slides will be distributed to registered attendees after the event.

Novel Ideas:
The above list represents just a selection of the topics covered. You are welcome to submit additional interesting suggestions related to the respective topics.

The conference language is English and Chinese.

No Promotion:
Promotional or marketing-oriented presentations or pure product descriptions will not be accepted.

Submissions to embedded world China Conference 2024 should not have been published previously in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference, nor currently under review or consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.

Talks shall be presented by speakers with strong public presentation skills and subject matter expertise. The program committee reserves the right to cancel a contribution’s acceptance, if the speaker, the subject or the content of the contribution was changed compared to the original submission.

Progress of your submission:
You will require a valid user account and be logged in in order to use this conference management system. If you don´t have an user account, please create a new account. If you already have your user data, please log in. 

  • Please enter the title and the topic of the abstract.
  • Enter your abstract text. The number of characters is limited to 1,500.
  • Enter the author contact details - CV: The number of characters is limited to 500.
  • Confirm your submission details and complete the process.

Important Deadlines:

  • Call for Papers deadline: March 10, 2024
  • Program ready by b/o April, 2024.
  • Final Paper (ISBN) and Presentation: May 31, 2024