Call for Papers & Workshops
Automotive Ethernet Congress 2021

February 10 - 11, 2021 l Munich, Germany

The sixth Automotive Ethernet Congress of the media brand Elektronik automotive was attended by more than 850 participants, speakers, and exhibitors. They not only had the opportunity to inform themselves about current technology developments of Automotive Ethernet and the connected vehicle in 19 presentations and at the booths of about 50 exhibitors but also to get to know new fields of application and use scenarios. Furthermore, there was plenty of potential for discussion, especially in the field of 10 Mbps data transmission. Now it is time to prepare the seventh Automotive Ethernet Congress, which will take place on 10 and 11 February 2021 at the Westin Grand Hotel Munich. For this purpose, we kindly ask you to submit your presentation and workshop proposals.

The trend towards connected, automated and electric vehicles not only affects the automotive industry itself, but also the E/E architecture and thus the vehicle network. The demand for higher bandwidth, lower latency or better determinism is increasing. This requires IVN technologies such as Automotive Ethernet. However, the actually desired standardization of the vehicle network is not yet in sight - this was demonstrated at the WEKA event in February. In the low-end area, for example, two alternatives are available with 10BASE-T1S and CAN-XL, which both have their right to exist depending on the point of view.

Which technology will now be used to solve the problem of 10 Mbps data transmission? 10BASE-T1S is certainly better suited as a pure Ethernet solution for future automotive challenges, but CAN-XL also has potential in the view of some companies. The seventh Automotive Ethernet Congress is the platform to deal with this and other issues. In addition, current and future technology and product developments will be the focus of the lecture program, exhibition and workshops. The congress offers the opportunity to share and discuss new ideas concerning the implementation and use of Ethernet in the vehicle and ultimately to adapt them for your own projects.

Take part in the Automotive Ethernet Congress 2021 with technical papers, examples from real-life practice, workshops, and reports of experience. Send us your suggestions on topics like the following:

  • Introduction: fundamentals for Ethernet users
  • Architecture: Use of Ethernet in an Automotive environment, requirements
  • Concrete implementation of Automotive Ethernet projects
  • Physical layer: 10BASE-T1S or CAN-XL? – Solutions for 10 Mbit/s
  • Present and future physical layer solutions
  • Audio/video transmission: AVB and TSN in practice
  • Safety and security: critical applications with Ethernet
  • Test and measurement, tools
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: from cable to compliance testing
  • Use cases: new possibilities for Ethernet use

These are just a few ideas for a paper you might propose. You're welcome to send us an abstract on other aspects in and around the automotive Ethernet topic.

We're looking forward to all your interesting proposals in English. The closing date for submissions is 17 August 2020.

Stefanie Eckardt
Elektronik automotive
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