Call for Papers & Workshops
Automotive Ethernet Congress 2016
February 3-4, 2016, Hilton Munich Airport, Germany

Deadline for submission: July 24th, 2015

After a truly brilliant start with more than 600 participants, speakers and exhibitors attending the premiere in February 2015, here now comes the call for papers in preparation for the 2nd Automotive Ethernet Congress on February 3-4, 2016 in Munich.

Automotive Ethernet is taking big steps towards the mass market. You see that both from the expanding selection of semiconductor devices, cables and connectors for 100 Mbit/s, and the first implementation of Ethernet as a system bus in a series vehicle. And the speed of development continues unabated: Finalization of the 1-Gbit/s standard is in the works, and we already see groundwork for the approaching 10-Gbit/s Ethernet.

The Automotive Ethernet Congress provides a wide-spanning view of the many and varied technical innovations. Plus, practically oriented contributions are a valuable aid to implementing concrete Ethernet projects: Application-directed and solution-specific papers and workshops deliver well-founded expertise to explore and implement the full potential of what Ethernet in the automobile is able to offer.

Participate in the Automotive Ethernet Congress with technical papers, examples from your practice, workshops and reports from your experience. Send us your proposed contributions on topics like the following:

•    Introduction: fundamentals for Ethernet users
•    Vehicle architecture: Ethernet integration in the overall network
•    Physical layer: new solutions for 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s
•    Interoperability tests: harmonizing the components
•    Audio/video transmission: practical AVB and TSN
•    Safety and security: critical applications with Ethernet
•    Use cases: new possibilities for Ethernet use
•    Tools: test and development systems
•    Electromagnetic compatibility: from cable through to compliance test
•    Outlook: beyond 1-Gbit/s Ethernet

These are just key words for the paper and workshop you might suggest: You are welcome to submit abstracts on any other interesting topic in and around automotive Ethernet.

Submit an informative resume of your proposed paper or workshop!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Final date for submission is July 24, 2015.

Dr. Ingo Kuss
Elektronik automotive